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nAtional Lighthouse—Lightship Week

Welcome to the new and revised web page combining the best and most useful features of the ILLW and ARLHS.  Here, you’ll find information on, and links to, all that’s popular in the world of radio communications and nautical light beacons. 


First, there’s a brief history of the organizations that brought you to this site, the ARLHS and the ILLW. Next, there’s a list of on-the-air lighthouse contests and events. Then the “Related Links” tab at the left will lead you to the world famous WLOL, a directory of over 15000 nautical beacons, most of which have a photo, description, coordinates, and the highly regarded, unique  ARLHS identification number.


Speaking of the ARLHS, if you’re not yet a member, you’ll be happy to know that there are 4 levels of membership and there’s a very economical level at only US $5 and NO yearly dues! The “ARLHS Memberships” page explains all.


Under the membership tab is a tab leading to rules for contests sponsored by the ARLHS, and finally at the end there’s a page to list your personal or your club’s activations, expeditions, and events.


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